On November 18 this year in the Urgench branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi to convey to our people the essence and significance of the "Five Important Initiatives" put forward by President Sh. Mirziyoyev, today's news, changes and their mood.

As part of the spiritual and educational campaign "New Uzbekistan - a new worldview" and On the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the adoption of the State Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the rector of TUIT S.N Babakhodjaev visited the branch and held an open dialogue with students of the first and fourth stages of the Urgench branch of TUIT.

At the beginning of the meeting, S.N Babakhodjaev noted that he was pleased with his visit to Khorezm region and that the first meeting between the branches was with students of the Urgench branch.

During his speech, he sincerely congratulated the students and all those present on the 29 th anniversary of the adoption of the National Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In order to engage students in dialogue, they exchanged views on the symbol of the flag of our country and the meaning of each color.

S.N Babakhodjaev also spoke a little about his studies and work.

S.Babakhodjaev said that today the student has a strong interest in science, innovation, as well as knowledge of the latest information and communication technologies, and clearly demonstrates the requirements, the student achieves great success in the information process, and the student has a number of positive qualities.

He also said that he should have such qualities as purposefulness, perseverance, diligence and humility. He then encourages all students to ask questions and make suggestions. Students received clear answers to a number of questions, such as educational grants abroad, postgraduate education, the credit module system and its effectiveness, military orientation.

At the end of the meeting SN Babakhodjaev wished the students success in their future studies and work. He promised to visit the Urgench branch of TUIT in Khorezm and said that he was glad to talk to the students.

 Information Service of UBTUIT