Information technologies

The department was first created in 2005 under the name "Informatics and IT".

Since 2009, the department began to work under the name "Information Technology".

At present 14 professors - teachers work at the Department of Information Technologies.

Since 2019, the department is headed by Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D O.K. Khojaev

The department trains specialists in the following areas:


Bachelors degree

5330502 Computer Input: IT Service

5330501 Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering


Master's degree

5A330501 Computer Engineering "Computer Systems Design"


Subjects taught at the department for the 2020/2021 academic year:

  1. Big data technology
  2. Cloud computing technology
  3. Linux server management
  4. Ubiquiotus - health care
  5. Designing VLSI systems
  6. Windows Server Management
  7. Development and analysis of algorithms.
  8. IT service engineering and service management.
  9. Management of information systems design (CRM and ERP)
  10. Search and sorting of information.
  11. Analysis and design of business systems.
  12. Bioinformatics and biomechanics.
  13. Innovation and project management
  14. Electronic government
  15. Computer architecture
  16. Computer vision
  17. Organization of the computer.
  18. Decision making systems
  19. Data recovery
  20. Introduction to Machine Learning
  21. Database
  22. Database management
  23. Operating systems
  24. Real time systems.
  25. Artificial intelligence
  26. Artificial intelligence and neural networks.
  27. Distributed algorithms and systems.
  28. Embedded systems.
  29. Installed systems and their software.
  30. Electronic business technologies.


In the 2020/2021 academic year, the department employs teachers with the following main staff.

  1. Khodjaev Otabek Kadambaevich - head of the department.
  2. Khudayberganov Temur Arturovich - associate professor.
  3. Rakhimbaev Hikmat Djhumanazarovich - senior teacher.
  4. Abdullaeva Gulchehra Hakimovna - senior teacher.
  5. Hakimov Zohid Abdullaevich -assistant teacher.
  6. Hamraeva Saida Ismailovna - teaching assistant.
  7. Otamurotov Hurmat Kutlimurodovich - teaching assistant.
  8. Urazmetov Tohir Kurambaevich - teacher's assistant.
  9. Nurmetova Bonura Bahramovna - teaching assistant.
  10. Qozibaev Khudayshukur Shavkatovich - teaching assistant.
  11. Zaripov Usmon Farhodovich - trainee teacher.
  12. Iskandarov Islam Zohirovich - trainee teacher.
  13. Artikbaev Muhammad Azimjon ogli - trainee teacher.
  14. Yuldashev Muhammad Shehnazarovich - trainee teacher.


Research work and directions at the department:

Most of the professors and teachers of the department carry out research work in the specialty 05.01.04 - Mathematics and software (technical sciences) of computers, complexes and computer networks. Currently, the department conducts research in the following areas of this specialty.

  • Methods, models and algorithms for the design and analysis of programs and software systems, their equivalents, testing (paragraph 1);
  • - Method, model, algorithm, programming language and software for organizing the relationship between the program and programming systems (paragraph 3);
  • - Database and knowledge management systems (point 4);
  • - Human-machine interface; computer graphics, image processing, virtual reality systems, multimedia communication methods, models, algorithms and software applications (paragraph 7);


In the 2020/2021 academic year, associate professor Khudayberganov Temur Arturovich defended his Ph.D. thesis at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology and successfully defended his work.


Currently, senior lecturer of the department Rahimbaev Kh.D. is on the verge of defending his Ph.D. thesis.

Professors, teachers and masters of the department conduct research in the following areas:

- Intelligent data analysis;

- Machine learning and advanced learning systems;

- Installed systems and their software;

- Artificial Intelligence;

- Distributed systems and algorithms;

Currently, the department, within the framework of scientific and technical projects and scientific works, conducts research on the following topics:

- Development of intelligent analysis software for decision-making systems;

- Optimization of algorithms for processing video images of dynamic objects in a video surveillance system;

- Models and software for analyzing large amounts of data based on parallel and distributed computing technologies;

Department address: Main building, room 305