Information education technologies

Acting Head of the Department.

Palvanov Bozorboy Yusupovich


Reception hours: Monday-Friday (14:00-16:00)

Phone: (998) 94-607-67-80



About the Department

Department of information educational technologies was established in 2008. Currently the Department employs 5 professors, including 1 PhD, 3 senior lecturers, 1 assistant lecturer. The main activity of the Department is training bachelors in 5350400 - "Professional education in the field of information and communication technologies". Currently, the Department is working on implementation of advanced teaching methods based on modern information and pedagogical technologies. Professors and faculty members regularly conduct master classes. Teaching staff has extensive experience in the teaching specialization, the quality of education, pedagogy, psychology, methodology of professional education, educational technologies and other educational and vocational subjects. Conducting scientific and methodical work.


Education: bachelor's:

5350400 –Professional education (Informatics and information technologies)


Subjects taught at the Department:

        1. Bachelor:
        2. The credit system:
  • Introduction to the specialty
  • Assessment of learning
  • Theory of e-learning
  • Creating Web applications
  • Pedagogical software
  • Designing educational systems
  • R creativeandprofessional development items
  • Theory and methodology of blended education
  • Theory and methods of teaching computer graphics
  • Education technology information technology
  • Technology distance learning
  • Methods of teaching programming languages


Currently, 2,3,4 courses in the field of information technology

  • Professional pedagogy
  • Professional psychology
  • Modern methods of teaching and their use
  • Technologies and tools of distance learning
  • Methodology of professional education
  • Multimedia applications in education
  • Pedagogical software and educational web design
  • Educational technology
  • Modern tools for assessment of learning outcomes
  • The technology of creating multimedia applications for reading using Adobe Flash.
  • Multimedia technologies in education
  • methods of teaching special subjects
  • Methods of teaching Informatics and computer science
  • The technology of creating e-learning resources
  • Management of educational projects
  • Intelligent training systems
  • The management of the education system
  • Pedagogy


Teachers Professor of the Department:

  1. Ashirova Anorgul Ismoilovna - docent
  2. Madaminov Uktamjon Ataxanovich – trainee teacher
  3. Xudayberganov Temur Rustamovich - teacher
  4. Yusupova Shohida Botirboyevna - teacher
  5. Xojiboyev Jonibek Maxmudjonovich - teacher
  6. Qutliyev Sardor Pulatovich - teacher
  7. Sadiqov Mahmudjon Akmuratovich - teacher
  8. Allaberganova Muyassar Rimberganovna - teacher
  9. Turdiyev Temur Taxirovich - trainee teacher


Address of the Departmenta 3-floor, 301-309- offices.