Generosity and support are the eternal values of our people!

Since ancient times, the Uzbek people have been able to set an example to other peoples with their humanity and patriotism. Of course, every Muslim is obligated to help the people who need a social support and care. 
Yes, it will not be an exaggeration to say that no other nation has the nobility to care for and help the human and people. In the case of the coronavirus pandemic, threatening to the world taking quarantine measures to prevent the spread of this disease and staying at home are considered the best option. However, part of the population engaged in seasonal work remains unemployed and without income. 
During the quarantine period, the Head of State takes a number of measures to protect vulnerable groups and stabilize their income.  In particular, at the initiative of the President, with the help of entrepreneurs and generous people, a nationwide movement “Generosity and Help” was created. This movement is aimed to provide financial assistance, basic necessities, medicines, hygiene products and other goods for disabled people, the unemployed, vulnerable groups . Particular attention is also paid to their employment. 
The great Sakhibkiran Amir Temur at one time gathered all the beggars of his state and gave them the work that best suited them. He provided adequate benefits for the lifestyle, housing and education of the disabled and the elderly. Therefore, according to sources, during the time of Amir Temur there were no beggars. 
In these difficult days, kindness to each other is very necessary, because our ancestors inherited such qualities from ancient time . So, let's help to each other!