In order to give complete information about the meaning of the call of the Council of Higher Education and Rectors of the Republic of Uzbekistan to professors and students, as well as the effective aspects of distance learning, there was a live broadcast through the Khorezm TV channel on April 14, 2020.

Head of three higher education institutions, situated in Khorezm region took part in it. Journalist Vasila Sabirova drew attention to the work carried out by professors and students of higher educational institutions during the quarantine period.

Director of the Urgench branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammed al-Khwarizmi, Maqsud Baydjanov also took an active part, noting that the teachers of the branch have great responsibility for the distance learning process based on Moodle. Teachers work hard for students, developing various video lessons for remote knowledge delivery and monitor it online form the continuity of learning.

It should be noted that students of the Urgench branch of TUIT, fully aware of the President’s call and fully respecting the quarantine rules, study online, staying  at home, do sport activities and ensure the continuity of the educational process. They pay a lot of attention to reading books, make various videos on this subject and communicate with each other online via internet. M.Baydjanov also noted that in order to spend effectively students' free time in the quarantine period, professors and teachers of the branch are doing specific work. Today in the Khorezm region there are practically no areas where there is no access to internet. In this connection, he expressed his gratitude to all telecommunication staff under the management of the Department of Khorezm region of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications for their hard work on providing the people with internet access in such a difficult situation. However, there are a few students who live at far distance area, have problems in attending on-line courses due to low signal of mobile network or lack of PC. We are planning to organize additional teaching based on individual plan after quarantine period.

We hope that after this program we will achieve positive results with students! They, in turn, will show their professors what they are capable of.

Dear students and teachers, watch the entertainment program “Assalom Khorezm” on the Khorezm television channel every morning at 7:00 and replay at 13:00! There are videos made by our students.