Baydjanov Maksudbek Islamdjanovich
Office hours: Monday-Saturday (9:00-17:00)
Telephone: (+99862)-224-61-32

Position of the director:

  • Organizing   implementation of laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees and Orders of the President, resolutions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of education and training;
  • Ensuring the training of qualified, highly-qualified graduates capable of managing a business in a market-minded, high moral-ethical, independent way of thinking;
  • Organizing   preparation of highly qualified personnel on the basis of the state educational standards;
  • Supplying the implementation of the tasks specified in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and "National Program of Personnel Training" at branch;
  • define competencies of all branch structural subdivisions, plan their activities, co-ordinate, manage, train qualified personnel for branch managerial positions, recruit staff, recommend and recruit staff;
  • Providing material and moral incentives for employees, ensuring social protection, applying disciplinary sanctions;
  • controlling   the formation and effective use of branch revenue;
  • Organizing  of research work, increasing their effectiveness and widespread implementation of research results, ensuring higher education, science and industry integration;
  • Creating  and organizing  translation and publication of textbooks and teaching materials in accordance with the Concept of the New Generation Textbook for Continuous Education;
  • Organizing  effective use of advanced forms of teaching and learning, including distance learning, new pedagogical and information  communication technologies;
  • Guiding spiritual,  educational work, forming a national idea in staff and students;
  • Enrollment, dismissal, restoration, compliance with internal labor discipline, admission to the university, graduate and post-trainee researchers;
  • Professional development of professors and teachers;
  • Organizing and providing other types of living conditions for students, trainee researchers, scientific and pedagogical staff, and ensuring their social protection;
  • Ensuring constant control of the quality of the faculties and departments activity, teaching process, lectures, practical and laboratory classes, training and production practices, and other types of training;
  • Organization of events aimed at identifying trends and perspectives of branch specialists (conduction of scientific conferences, participation in international conferences, creation of conditions for access to information space, science and technology, development of literature, information materials) , on the basis of which the state education standards, curricula, teaching literature are improved, the direction of research;
  • Development of marketing services, organization of cooperation agreements for the study of demand and supply of education and specialties, graduates' actual employment analysis, targeted training of specialists;
  • Development of scientific and creative contacts with foreign partners, ensuring investment and grants involvement, organization of joint ventures (departments, scientific centers, scientific researches, projects, etc.);
  • Cooperate with public organizations, trusteeship boards and other similar non-governmental organizations;
  • Carrying out other tasks defined by the competent authorities in the field of education management;
  • Be conscientiously fulfilling your mission duties


1994 - 1999 yy. -   Student of Tashkent State University

1999 - 2002 yy. -   Teacher, head of monitoring and information technologies center at Tashkent Economic professional College

2002 - 2010 yy. -   Scientific researcher, Phonon State Scientific Industrial Enterprise

2005 – 2010 yy. -  Scientific researcher at Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan

2008 – 2008 yy. -  UTL Tehnologies LTD Bangalore, India, trainee on Network Security

2010 - 2011 yy. -   преподаватель кафедры физики Ургенчского государственного университета

2011 - 2011 yy. -   Senior teacher at Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences at Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent

2012 - 2012 yy. -   DESY Deutsche Electron Synchrotron Research Center, Hamburgm Germany – researcher

2012 - 2013 yy. -   Postdoctorate, teacher in physics at DISAT Department of Applied Science and Technologies, Turin Polytechnic University (Politechnico di Torino), Turin, Italy

2013 - 2014 yy. -   Postdoctorate researcher at Center for Applied Multiphysics, DISAT Department of Applied Science and Technologies, Turin Polytechnic University (Politechnico di Torino), Turin, Italy

2011 - 2018 yy. -   Head of Academic and research Department, research secretary, Associate Professor at Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent

2018 г. – at present. -     Director of Urgench branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi

Deputy of Urgench city councils of people's deputies from 2019 – at present