Dear branch team, dear students!
I sincerely congratulate all of you on the 29th anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan, which has opened a completely new page in the centuries-old history of our country and has chosen the path of building a free and prosperous life.
Dear team!
We all know that independence has not been easily achieved in the history of any nation. Our people, deeply aware of this fact, will forever cherish the memory of our ancestors who sacrificed their lives in this struggle.
In these difficult days, our people have demonstrated their determination and perseverance in practice, and have never lost faith in the bright and great future of Uzbekistan.
Our way of life proves that the path we have chosen is based on a clear goal and has passed a difficult test and has become a solid foundation for the development of our country. This is evidenced by the fact that from the first days of our independence, the most acute and decisive issue is the task of training a new generation of personnel that meets the requirements of the times.
Thousands of our young people, who are graduating from universities and taking a fresh look at life, are emerging as the foundation for us, for our future, as the initiator and executor of all the reforms in our country.
Most importantly, over the past period, the health of our people has improved, maternal and child mortality has decreased, life expectancy has increased, how far we have come, the quality of life and well-being of our people. clearly confirms that it is growing.
All this is possible, first of all, thanks to the heroic work of our brave and courageous people, and our country is impressing the international community with its sustainable development.
Dear  team, dear students!
We all know that the great achievements and results we achieve are only a part of our goals.
Today, due to the pandemic, it is in our hands to protect the security of Uzbekistan and the health of our loved ones in difficult conditions. It is the duty and priority of all of us to preserve the atmosphere of mutual respect and kindness, the noble call "We need peace, well-being and health."

Dear young people! It is up to you to raise the flag of our country and show the world that the youth of Uzbekistan is second to none in the world. Dear and respected team! I once again congratulate you on the Independence Day and wish you all peace, happiness, prosperity and prosperity to your homes and country. May the Creator help us in all our good deeds! May our land be peaceful, our skies be clear, and our people be safe! May our independence last forever!

Sincerely , Baydjanov  Maqsud  Islomjonovich!