Happy teachers day

The teacher is one of the oldest professions on earth. Even in ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, people revered for their intelligence and knowledge, became teachers. And it was considered a great honor to become a disciple of the philosopher, to comprehend the secrets of the world. Examples we know from history: the teacher of  Alexander of Macedon was an ancient Greek scholar and philosopher Aristotle. And thanks to him he became such a great warrior and king.

Many believe that the teacher is a profession from God. Not even a profession but  a vocation. Indeed, qualities of a person who wants to become a teacher should unite in his character: firmness, boundless patience, rigor and softness, trust and the ability to be an example in everything.

A solemn event was held in the branch to congratulate all the teachers on the Day of Teacher. The event was opened by the director of the branch U.A.Haitmetov and professors with high potential, teachers who for many years taught students, received praise and valuable prizes. The event was held in a friendly atmosphere.


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