Corruption - threat to national security

In Urgench branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technology named after Muhammad al-Khorezmi the event was held on "Corruption - threat to national security". The event was presided by A.Raymberganov, Deputy Director of Educational Affairs of the branch. Jumaniyozov Odilbek, Head of the Department of Justice of Khorezm Region, Bektemirov, Head of the Department of the State Services Agency, professors and students. The meeting was opened by Deputy Director of Educational Affairs A.Reymberganov and introduced the participants of the meeting to the agenda. The letter was handed to the head of the Khorezm regional department of justice A. Jumaniyazov. In his speech, the head of our state, Shavkat Mirziyoev, emphasized the importance of finding a sense of justice that prevails over all things in our life, and that it is a priority for our life, we must take strict measures to ensure that the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan do not meet the requirements of the law on combating various crimes and other offenses and forbidding them to commit a crime, of course, inevitably " and the fact that the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Combating Corruption" of 4th January 2017 has become an important practical step in this direction, the law adopted by state bodies, organizations and civil society institutions to increase the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures being taken. He also highlighted the need to prevent corruption in all aspects of society's life, and to address the irreconcilability of all forms of corruption in society by raising the legal awareness and legal culture of citizens. According to the agenda 2, Bektimirov Temurbek, the head of the regional department of the public service agency, said that we should fight together in the fight against corruption, and that corruption bribe which has a negative impact on the lives of any state and society. He also provided information on the work done to combat corruption in our country. In short, the new law requires not only to strengthen the anti-corruption mechanism, but also to ensure that every leader, every citizen, is honestly committed to his / her duties. This will contribute to the establishment of a healthy environment in our country, and to the strengthening of political stability.

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