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  • "Enlightenment" members were awarded

    25-12-2018 1628

    The active members of the group  “Enlightenment”of Khorezm Region have been rewarded with honorary titles group for its invaluable contribution to raising the effectiveness of spirituality and enlightenment in the region.


  • Glance to the activity of talented youth

    25-12-2018 1637

    On November 29, the Urgench branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technology named after Muhammad al-Khorezmi was visited by Minister of Information Technologies and Communications Sh.Sadikov.


  • Innovative factories of the student

    24-12-2018 1603

    horezm regional organization SDPU "Adolat" organized an Innovation Fair with the participation of young scientists and innovators within the framework of the project "Innovative factories of the student" on 20 December this year.


  • Happy teachers day

    29-09-2018 917

    The teacher is one of the oldest professions on earth. Even in ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, people revered for their intelligence and knowledge, became teachers. And it was considered a great honor to become a disciple of the philosopher, to comprehend the secrets of the world. Examples we know from history: the teacher of  Alexander of Macedon was an ancient Greek scholar and philosopher Aristotle. And thanks to him he became such a great warrior and king.

    Many believe that the teacher is a profession from God. Not even a profession but  a vocation. Indeed, qualities of a person who wants to become a teacher should unite in his character: firmness, boundless patience, rigor and softness, trust and the ability to be an example in everything.

  • Knowledge is the only power

    29-09-2018 606

    Today  in "Spirituality and Information"  hours was shown the film named "Knowledge is the only power" prepared for the students to promote the education of young people growing up in the country, studying the secrets of modern science. Following the videofilm , the students discussed the ideas and content of the film. The students shared their impressions of the video